General Nursing

An undergraduate program focused on educating general nurses. The graduates are capable of carrying out responsibilities and making competent decisions in providing nursing care according to the nursing process method at various levels of the healthcare system. They are qualified to cooperate in assessing current nursing issues in both state and private facilities, in professional organizations, etc. throughout  the Czech Republic.


The objective of this study programme is to gain comprehensive theoretical and practical qualifications for the midwife profession. Graduates carry out responsibilities in taking care of women with physiological pregnancy and delivery, of a physiological newborn and they participate in the care of  women with abnormalities and pathologies during pregnancy and delivery. They are well educated in the fields of midwifery, obstetrics, gynaecology and neonatology.

The graduates are prepared to carry out responsibilities in taking care of mother and child and are able to work independently in primary, community, out-patient and in-patient care.

Radiology Assistant

The study programme is aimed at comprehensive education of radiology assistants as health care professionals using radiological imaging and irradiation technologies for a number of techniques of diagnostic and non-diagnostic imaging and medical application of ionizing radiation. Graduates are independent professionals in using ionizing radiation, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging or ultrasound for diagnostic imaging or treatment, e.g. in state or private health facilities, in veterinary facilities and research laboratories as well as in practical instruction.


The bachelor degree programme is aimed at educating physiotherapists for rehabilitation practice  in all phases of the treatment process, including primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. The graduates are able to work in all types of health facilities offering some kind of rehabilitation or physical treatment. They cooperate with specialists in the functional diagnostics and (rehabilitation) therapy of patients with acute, sub-acute and chronic phases of health disorders in which rehabilitation is appropriate. They take part in examination of basic motor functions in the most common pathological categories, including assessment of individual levels of self-service and other psycho-motor or sensory and social motor functions. They participate in assessing the overall strategy and possible limits of rehabilitation and a short-term rehabilitation plan for patients. They carry out standard levels of common methodology in motor re-education and physical therapy; they also cooperate with technical-prosthetic specialists in dealing with abnormal or lost function in patients through a combination of functional re-education with the application of technical, prosthetic or other orthotic compensatory aids or replacements.

Physiotherapy a full-time master degree study programme

The graduate programme is aimed at the advancement of professional qualification of specialists in physiotherapy with reference to the needs of individual fields of clinical medicine. Particularly, it deals with systematic rehabilitation of serious diseases and injuries in which the long-term, targeted physiotherapy distinctly prevents the risks of permanent functional loss and secondary disability. This specialization in the human motor system and its disorders distinguishes clinical specialists from general physiotherapists in recovery of functional, especially motor abilities. The goal is to motivate students to further learning in the field of physiotherapy, to work on research and standardise therapeutic procedures in rehabilitation, to solve current issues in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and in manifestations of movement functions in general, with respect to evidence-based medicine principles.

Health Care Management

The graduate programme is a special combination of health care, economics and other social sciences. Its aim is to provide useful knowledge of management which provides the graduates with independent and creative activity at managerial and administrative posts in healthcare and related institutions. It is designed for students with prior education in nursing and other non-medical fields who obtained a bachelor degree at medical,medico-social orother faculties with a healthcare specialization. It is a follow up study programme that does not recognize the qualification to perform the medical profession according to Act No.95 and 96/2004 Coll. regarding the conditions for receiving and recognition of qualifications to perform medical and non-medical professions.

Doctoral Programme in Nursing

The doctoral programme in Nursing is aimed at nursing science and its methodology, scientific research and independent creative activity in the field of nursing. It prepares graduates to apply the nursing diagnostic approach, verification and validation of classification systems in nursing. It enhances the study of the nursing system components, organization structures, the objective, function and role of the subjects and strategies of change and to use Evidence Based Practice in nursing. It supports the ability to research and publication at both the national and international levels. Study is concluded with a state doctoral examination and the defence of a doctoral thesis that proves their ability and readiness for independent activity in the area of research or advancement. Graduates are awarded the degree of  “doctor” (abbreviated as Ph.D., written after the name).

The aim of the doctoral programme in Nursing is scientific nursing and its methodology, research and independent creative work in the field. The focus is on the application of diagnostic nursing approaches, verification and the validation of classification systems in nursing. Students will acquire detailed knowledge of nursing system components, structure, organization, goals, function and role of subjects and transformation strategy. The Evidence Based Practice and Nursing principle is used for their research. The emphasis is on the philosophical, ethical, and legal aspects of effective nursing practice as well as on the scientific research and publishing on the national and international level. The first students to be awarded the PhD title in Nursing will finish their degree in 2013.