After the arrival to the Czech Republic / After the enrolment

Study and Examination Code & Instructions to Study

Reporting the place of residence

  • Detailed information on reporting the place of residence.
  • Students who stay in the dormitories do not have to report their arrival to the Czech Republic in person. The dormitory officials will report your residence to the Czech Foreign Police Office for you; you only need to complete the relevant document when moving in.
  • Those non-EU citizens-students who live in private accommodation must report in person to the Foreign Police within three days of entering the Czech Republic, provided they are staying in the CR for more than 90 days. You will need confirmation from the owner of the apartment, e.g., a lease contract.
  • EU citizens-students who live in private accommodation must report in person to the Foreign Police within 30 days of entering the Czech Republic, provided they are staying in the CR for more than 90 days.

Applying for the Long-term Residence Card for study purposes

Tuition payment

  • International students are required to pay an annual tuition fee of 8000 EUR. The preferable way of payment is by bank transfer to the university bank account. Instructions on the payment are given to students during the application process and enrolment.
  • The deadline for tuition payment is 30th September 2023. Students must pay their tuition within the deadline, as delayed payment may result in charging additional fees.
  • In case you wish to pay your tuition fee in cash or need to pay in a different currency than the euro, read the Manual on payment in cash.

Academic Year Calendar

  • The Academic Year Calendar includes the start and end of the winter and summer semesters, the period of course registration for each semester, and the deadline for completion of study responsibilities. It also enlists the dates of national holiday.

Portal and STAG

Course registration

  • Before course registration, read the Manual on course registration.
  • Students register for courses in STAG for each semester. Students cannot attend courses without registration in STAG.
  • Registration of courses is done in STAG, section My Study > Pre-registration. The duration of online registration for courses can be found in the Academic Year Calendar.
  • After obtaining the login details for Portal, students log into STAG and register for courses according to the study plan of their study programme.

University email account

  • Students must use their university email account when communicating with their teachers and university staff. They are also obliged to check their email box daily.
  • The manual on where to find the email login details.
  • Access to the university email box is through Portal or directly on Outlook.

Medical Insurance card

  • Each international student must have a Medical Insurance contract with VZP Insurance Company before coming to the Czech Republic.
  • If you wish to pick up your Health Insurance Card, visit the local PVZP office and request the card.
  • When visiting a doctor or the hospital, always bring your insurance card with you, together with your ID card or passport.

Special needs

  • Students with special needs should contact the Support Center for Students with Special Needs to receive information on the study conditions. To make an appointment, contact the director of the center, Mrs. Lucia Pastieriková, on her email address lucia.pastierikova@upol.cz


At the beginning of the winter and summer semester

Timetables and study plans

Registration for courses

  • Students register at the beginning of every semester within the timeline written in the Academic Year Calendar.
  • Students must register for courses through STAG within the given timeline. Students cannot attend courses or exams for which they are not registered. In case students need to register for a course after the deadline for course registration, they must contact their Student Affairs Officer.
  • Manual on how to register for courses.


  • Manual on how to work with STAG.
  • Every study program has a study plan enlisting the courses in a recommended order.
  • A courses – obligatory courses which must be completed during the whole study.
  • B courses – elective subjects from which the student chooses in order to fulfill a required number of credits.
  • C courses – students can choose any course from the list of courses offered by any faculty. Before registering for the course, students must contact the teacher of the course about their interest in the course. They can register for the course after receiving an agreement from the lecturer. To check the content of the course, read the syllabus attached to the course by clicking on the course code in STAG.
  • Look up courses in STAG, section Browse IS/STAG, subsection Courses.
  • Course syllabus, name of the lecturer, and contact info are displayed by clicking on the course code.

Literature and libraries

  • Students can find the obligatory or recommended literature for each course in the course syllabus in STAG. The cost of study materials is not covered by the university.
  • Students can use the services of Faculty library in the FHS building on street Hněvotínská 3 or visit the university library Zbrojnice on Biskupské náměstí 842. Students need to have a student card to borrow books and use other services provided by the library (such as printing, scanning or using the library computer).


  • The exam period of every semester can be found in the Academic Year Calendar.
  • Students must register for exams in STAG, section Registration for examination. Lecturers or guarantors of courses announce the exam dates in STAG. Students cannot attend an exam if they aren’t registered for it.
  • If you need more information on the exam dates, contact the teacher of the course. The teacher’s email address can be found in the course syllabus.
  • Students have three attempts at the course exam in one academic year. If the student is unsuccessful on the third attempt, he/she must register for the course in the next academic year and pass the course within another 3 attempts. In case the student fails on the third attempt again, the student’s study will be terminated due to a failure to meet the requirements of the study programme according to the Study and Examination Code.

Requests related to study

  • Requests related to study (e.g. interruption or withdrawal from studies, study confirmation, etc.) must be filled in as an official request of the student.
  • Request application can be found on Portal, section Electronic forms. After filling out the request, student must print the request, add their signature and send the request to the Student Affairs Office. The administrative process takes up to 30 days. Use the General Request form if no other form corresponds with your request.

Teachers and other university employees

  • For contacting the teachers and employees of the university, students must use their university email address.
  • The university employees' email address and phone number can be found in Contacts.
  • Teacher’s name can be found in STAG in the syllabus of a corresponding course.


  • UP provides students with various medical services.
  • • For emergencies, visit the Faculty Hospital Olomouc or Poliklinika on Třída Svobody 32.

School Canteen

  • Students can order their meals through Portal, the WebKredit online application or presentation points at the canteens. For ordering meals, students need their student card.

Tram Card

  • Students up to 26 years old have a discount on city transportation. Students should visit the city transportation office on Legionářská 746/1 street to receive the transportation card.

Exchange programme

  • Contact the faculty International Officer, Mrs. Irena Jedličková on the opportunities for study and traineeship abroad.

At the end of the academic year (August/September)

Extension of the Residence Permit

  • International students must apply for a renewal/extension of their Residence Permit every year of their study. Students are advised to apply for the Extension of their Residence Permit before the summer holiday.
  • To apply for the extension, contact the Welcome Office UP on the email alena.vyskocilova@upol.cz for further information.
  • For confirmation of study / study certificate, contact the Student Affairs Office, Mrs. Lucie Sehnálková (lucie.sehnalkova@upol.cz).

Deadline for completing study responsibilities for the current academic year

  • The deadline for completing all registered courses for the academic year 2022/2023 is 6th September 2023.
  • To pass to the next academic year, the student must receive a minimum of 40 credits for one academic year or 80 credits combining the current and previous academic year.
  • In case students have unfinished courses, they must register for these courses again in the next academic year. One course can be registered for a maximum of two times.

Payment of the tuition fee for the next academic year

  • Students of English study programmes (e.g. Physiotherapy) of the second or subsequent are obliged to pay the annual tuition fee of EUR 8.000 by 30th September 2023.
  • The payment should be transferred directly into the account of the Faculty stated in the Contract (received and signed by each student during enrolment to study).
  • In case a student doesn’t have a bank account, they can pay by cash. Follow the instructions in the Guide on cash payment.
  • Issues connected with tuition payment should be consulted with the International Relations Officer, Mrs. Irena Jedličková (irena@jedlickova@upol.cz), or with the Student Affairs Officer, Mrs. Lucie Sehnálková (lucie.sehnalkova@upol.cz).

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