The aim of the programme is to prepare graduates for the profession of physiotherapist with a unique health and sports focus, for work as university educated professionals involved in the development of physiotherapy and the promotion of the integration of theory and practice – individuals possessing the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for lifelong learning in their specialty and for further academic education.


The graduates are highly qualified to work in health care settings as well as in sports. Our university provides professionals with superb theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The focus is not only on preparing future PTs but also professionals who will further develop the field of physiotherapy, work in academic settings and in research.

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Title of study programme


Type of study programme

Bachelor´s degree, state-accredited

Study programme profile


Form of study


Standard length of study

4 years

Language of study


Awarded academic title


Approximately 12 students to be accepted in 2021/2022


  • Palacký university ranks second best czech university
  • Unique study program
  • Individual and personal approach
  • Modern methods of teaching
  • Close contact with professors
  • Possibility to study at one of our 40  partner institutions within erasmus+
  • Scholarship 
  • Modern accommodation
  • Full student support
  • Complete health coverage
  • Tutoring and counselling
  • Numerous sporting facilities
  • Administrative help
  • University cafeterias


Apply for admission: from 1st January 2021

Deadline for applications: 30th June 2021

Registration fee: 690 CZK

Applicants are obliged to pay the registration fee by the respektive deadline for applications at the latest.

Tuition fee: EUR 8,000 per academic year

The entire course is taught in English language.


Documents Required for Application

The application is submitted in an eletronic form

  1. Certificate of  a comlete high/secondary education or the study in the last year of secondary school
  2. Proof of English language competence, minimum level B1 according to CEFR:
    • PET/FCE Cambridge exam
    • BULATS score 60
    • IELTS 5 min 4 from each part or documents about previous study in English language
  3. Passport Copy of valid passport or European ID card

The original document proving the completed secondary education (accompanied by a certified translation to Czech or English in case it is not originally in one of these languages) must be submitted by the deadline also as officially authenticated hard copies to the International relations Office of the Faculty of Health Sciences:

Ms. Irena Jedličková
International Relations Office
Faculty of Health Sciences
Hněvotínská 3
775 15 Olomouc
Czech Republic.




Complete the online Application Form: Electronic application


Erasmus+ aims to modernize and improve higher education across Europe and the rest of the world.

It gives students and staff opportunities to develop their skills and boost their employment prospects. Good practices will be shared between universities and businesses in Knowledge Alliances.

Higher education institutions from participating countries can work with those from neighborhood countries, non-EU Balkan countries, Asia, Africa and Latin America to develop their educational systems.
What does it involve?

With the European economy reliant on the creation and application of knowledge, strong links between the business sector and higher education are essential. Enterprises have become increasingly involved in European education and training programmes, with positive results for both sides, leading to long-lasting partnerships.
The relevant Erasmus+ activities for cooperation with business are:

    Traineeships for students: students do a work experience in a company abroad for up to a year;
    Staff 'mobility' for teaching: company staff can teach at a higher education institution abroad, passing on their experience to academia;
    Staff 'mobility' for training: teaching and other higher education staff receive training in a foreign company;
    Co-operation: business or representative associations can take part in projects through:
        Strategic Partnerships
        Capacity Building Projects
        Knowledge Alliances

How to apply?

Interested students should apply to the international office at Palacký University or office of their sending higher education institution. The office will provide information on the possibilities of a traineeship abroad as well as the modalities to apply for and receive an Erasmus+ EU grant.



POA/P0701Midwifery Practice in Delivery Room
cred.: 8, semester: SS/WS
POA/P0702Midwifery Practice at Post Partum Department
cred.: 8, semester: SS/WS
POA/P0703Midwifery Practice at Neonatology Department
cred.: 8, semester: SS/WS
POA/P0704Midwifery Practice at Gynecology Department
cred.: 8, semester: SS/WS
POA/PAA44Intensive Care in the Delivery Room
cred.: 4, semester: SS/WS
POA/P0201National Characteristics in Midwifery
cred.: 6, semester: SS/WS


OSE/O0310 Basics of Care-People with Disabilities
  cred.: 2, semester: SS/WS
OSE/O0410 Nursing Care in Pediatrics
  cred.: 2, semester: SS/WS
OSE/O0710 Nursing Practice for International Students 1
  cred.: 4, semester: SS/WS
OSE/O0720 Nursing Practice for International Students 2
  cred.: 7, semester: SS/WS
OSE/O0730 Nursing Practice for International Students 3
  cred.: 10, semester: SS/WS
OSE/O0740 Nursing Practice for International Students 4
  cred.: 13, semester: SS/WS
OSE/O0750 Nursing Practice for International Students 5
  cred.: 17, semester: SS/WS
OSE/O0760 Nursing Practice for International Students 6
  cred.: 20, semester: SS/WS
OSE/O0770 Nursing Practice for International Students 7
  cred.: 24, semester: SS/WS
OSE/O0780 Nursing Practice for International Students 8
  cred.: 27, semester: SS/WS
OSE/O0210 National Characteristics of Nursing for International Students
  cred.: 2, semester: SS/WS


FYT/R0701 Clinical Practice for International Students 1
  cred.: 4, semester: SS/WS
FYT/R0702 Clinical Practice for International Students 2
  cred.: 8, semester: SS/WS
FYT/R0703 Clinical Practice for International Students 3
  cred.: 12, semester: SS/WS
FYT/R0704 Clinical Practice for International Students 4
  cred.: 16, semester: SS/WS
FYT/R0706 Movement Analysis and Therapy in Clinical Practice 
  cred.: 2, semester: SS
FYT/R0709 Project in Kinesiologic Laboratory
  cred.: 2, semester: SS

The Courses With Theoretical And Practical Structure (combination) 1.year

FYT/PTA01 Functional Exercise in PT
  cred.: 1, semester: WS
FYT/PTA02 Anatomy I
  cred.: 4, semester: WS
KFA/PTA01 Funkcional Movement Diagnostics I
  cred.: 2, semester: WS
LBF/PTA01 Biophysics I
  cred.: 4, semester: WS
LBF/PTA03 Medical Technology Basic
  cred.: 1, semester: WS
MNG/PTA01 Public Health
  cred.: 1, semester: WS
OSE/PTA02 First Aid
  cred.: 1, semester: WS
FYT/PTB02 Anatomy II
  cred.: 4, semester: SS
FYT/PTB03 Somatometry
  cred.: 2, semester: SS
KAT/PTB01 Introduction to adapted P.A.
  cred.: 3, semester: SS
LBF/PTB01 Biophysies II
  cred.: 2, semester: SS

Theoretical Courses 1.year

BIO/PTA01 Biology
  cred.: 4, semester: WS
HUM/PTA01 Medical Terminology
  cred.: 2, semester: WS
HUM/PTA02 Latin and Latin Medical Terminology
  cred.: 2, semester: WS
HUM/PTA03 Czech Language I
  cred.: 5, semester: WS
LBF/PTA02 Informaties I
  cred.: 1, semester: WS
FYT/PTB01 Medical Psychology
  cred.: 2, semester: SS
HUM/PTB01 Ethies for Healtheare Professionals
  cred.: 1, semester: SS
HUM/PTB02 Czech Language II
  cred.: 5, semester: SS
KPK/PTB01 Biomechanies
  cred.: 2, semester: SS
LBF/PTB02 Informaties II
  cred.: 1, semester: SS
OPD/PTB01 Physiology
  cred.: 4, semester: SS

Physiotherapy - Occupational Therapy

FYT/PTB03 Somatometry
  cred.: 2, semester: SS/WS
FYT/ETB02 Kinesiotherapy II
  cred.: 5, semester: SS/WS
FYT/ETB22 Kinesiotherapy IV
  cred.: 7, semester: SS/WS
FYT/ETB04 Examination Procedures in Occupational Therapy
  cred.: 3, semester: SS/WS
FYT/ETB06 Creative Therapeutic Activities and Techniques
  cred.: 2, semester: SS/WS
FYT/ETB25 Muscle Test II
  cred.: 2, semester: SS/WS
FYT/ETB27 Neurophysiology of Motor Activity
  cred.: 1, semester: SS/WS

Radiological Methods

RAM/R0701Radiology Practice in Imaging Procedures for International Students
cred.: 7, semester: SS/WS
RAM/R0702Radiology Practice in Radiation Oncology for International Students
cred.: 7, semester: SS/WS
RAM/R0703Radiology Practice in Nuclear Medicine for International Students
cred.: 7, semester: SS/WS