Practical Skills Centre

The Faculty of Health Sciences and the Medical Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc and the Faculty Hospital in Olomouc jointly established the Practical Skills Centre, at which students and medical staff are able to perfect their skills in providing care. The Practical Skills Centre was opened in 2011.

Within the terms of tuition and self-study special models are used to train students in basic nursing care activities, which they will use in everyday practice, and in provision of first aid. For example students can try catheterisation, application of injections, treatment of wounds, collection of biological material, use of defibrillators, treatment of fractures, stopping bleeding and other skills on dummies, which simulate natural conditions. It is also possible to practice various crisis situations at the centre, which is particularly appreciated by medical staff and physicians from specialised clinics. The Practical Skills Centre organises an accredited Recovery event medic re-training programme for the general public, it holds a Medical English course and offers the option of excursions to schools.