Key information

The Faculty of Health Sciences at Palacky University in Olomouc focuses on scientific activities in non-medical healthcare branches. Priority topics are medicine based on evidence in non-medical sectors, a multi-disciplinary healthcare team, lifestyle limits resulting from chronic illnesses, reproductive health, international classification in the field of nursing and obstetric assistance, therapeutic rehabilitation and kineziotherapy, management in the field of non-medical healthcare professions, the system for health and social care of seniors, visualisation methods, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy.

The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) is involved in organisation of specialist conferences, it organises specialist educational workshops for interested parties from among the general public and academic workers are invited to lecture at specialist Czech and foreign scientific conferences. The Faculty supports student specialist scientific activities (SSSA) and works from all study programmes are presented every year at the faculty-wide SSSA conference.

The history of the faculty is still quite short. After establishment of the Faculty in 2007 we pursued our own scientific activities with relevant publication outputs dedicated to the FHS from 2008 - 2009.

The Faculty increases its scientific output every year, which is proven by the rising point value of outputs registered in the Register of Information about Results (RIR), which gives the following graph 1 and numbers of articles in magazines with an impact factor (IF), as given by graph 2.

During its brief existence the Faculty has participated in a number of grants and projects on a nationwide and international level (IGA MZ, GAČR, OpVK).

graph1: Information about Results


graph2: Articles in magazines with an impact factor